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Julio Santos Rosas is a New York based artist, whom primarily works with mixed media. His body of work is a record of visual thoughts primarily based off of events in his personal life.These paintings, which he dubs, “Chaotic”, examine the anxiety driven thoughts of daily life, playing the role of his visual diary. Through the use of quick gestures, fluid shapes and of linguistics — the paintings describe and become a record of the entropy of his imagination in a single instant, containted  just in a few square feet.

Through the use of deliberate words, phrases, symbols and images directly relating to certain incidents; Santos loosely approaches the paintings through paint materiality and many layers— instinctive drawing and gestures will begin the painting, once started, Santos releases any and all control of calculated or deliberate intentions and lets the material becomethe layers of thoughts. The paintings always have a duality of making certain statements and images very blatant while simultaneously concealing and camouflaging other ones. 



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